What is Ski Touring lodge?

Ski Touring lodge is a very unique style of enjoying powder skiing / riding and Canada is definitely the best place to do.

You will fly into the lodge and spend 7 days there. Everyday you will ski or hike from the door and ski down to the lodge.

Just because you must fly in, no other people can even access the area so always untouched snow is preserved and wait for shredders, YES that would be your group!


Canada is the second largest country with only 37 million people living in. This means unlimited unoccupied space in the mountain ranges. Not many places in the world you can have your own mountains for a week long skiing.


This is why Canada is the best place to do ski touring lodge week.


ONSIGHT CANADA arranges guides, cooks and transportation from the nearest airport.

Only you need are your buddies, backcountry ski gear and your passion, we will take care of the rest!!

Tour Cost

Quotation is available based on type of lodge, number of guests and food budget.


Our trip,


  • Transportation from airport
  • One day warm up day before flying in
  • Accommodation in town
  • Lodging
  • Meals

Not include

  • Insurance (Rescue and trip cancellation)
  • Personal gears
  • Gratuity

Tour date

Tour date depends on lodge space availability.


Most backcountry lodges are open from mid December to Mid May.

Due to very high demands, it is getting very difficult to book high season (mid Jan to end of March).

So you have to plan well ahead to book. Generally we recommend to start planning about 1-2 year in advance.


Ski touring lodges

 ●Golden Alpine Holidays

GAH is based in Golden, BC. GAH owns four lodges in Esplanade ranges such as "Sunrise Lodge""Meadow lodge""Vista Lodge" and "Sentry Lodge". You can access Esplanade ranges by helicopter from the heli staging where is 45 minutes drive west from Golden.

Each lodges has their own characteristics like one lodge is more luxuary than others, one lodge has mellower terrain than others or one lodge has more tree runs than others. So depends on what the group want, we can choose the best place to meet your preference.


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【Movie】Guiding week at Sentry lodge in 2013


  ● Purcell Mountain Lodge

Purcell Mountain Lodge is located in the Purcell Mountains near Glacier National park in British Columbia. All guests take 20 minutes flight from Golden. Three stories luxury style lodge offers inside showers, bathrooms. They are famous for three course plated dinner which is very differ from common backcountry lodge's meals. 


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【Slide Show】Purcell Mountain Lodge

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